Work surfaces are an integral design feature in any kitchen.  It’s where you prepare ingredients, serve meals for your family and hone your cocktail making skills.

We have spent a lot of time researching designs that are both functional and visually appealing. See our favourites below.


Founded in 1920, the Antolini family set us a natural stone processing business which today, produces the most stunning marble, granite and precious stone for use in the home.  Antolini use a special coating which has only recently been developed to create a stone surface that is stainless and durable for use in the kitchen.


Pre-brushed Stainless Steel
This finish is perfect for a kitchen that’s going to be really used. We love the industrial look which creates a durable surface to work on. Given its pre scratched finish, there is no need to worry about the maintenance of the worktop as it will only get better with age.


Sintered Stone
This kiln-fired material is a relatively new product which is made by binding together a blend of minerals. We are using a form of this in our Blue Jay project in Notting Hill.  The stone is completely nonporous so there is no risk of staining and however hot or cold it gets, it will not warp. It really is an entirely bullet proof material!

Moon Rock Granite
A great alternative to marble, moon rock granite has the quality and feel of a far more extravagant material. It’s hard wearing and durable but still aesthetically beautiful. Above shows a snap of our new Sandpiper project kitchen using this technique.